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About Dr. Pamela Tolliver

EduTech Educational Services, LLC. provides educational services to individuals and businesses by promoting growth, productivity, and success!

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Meet Dr. Pamela Tolliver

The doctoral journey is one that only a few people have successfully completed. Amidst the challenges of life, career, family and my academic journeys, I was blessed to achieve the ultimate academic goal of earning my terminal degree. I have experienced every challenge that one can imagine and then some during my academic pursuits. With a passion to help others do likewise, I share my professional experiences and strategies to help my clients achieve their academic goals.

I look forward to serving you along your journey.

~Dr. Pam

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Who Am I?

Business Owner, Instructor, Coach, Editor, Writer, Wife, and Mom

I am passionate about assisting individuals who have found themselves “stuck” or may feel inadequate in the achievement of their educational goals.

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COACHING: I provide my clients with personalized coaching, effective tools and strategies, and results-driven brainstorming sessions to identify their strengths and challenges, and those opportunities that will help my clients work through their academic journey and utlimately the achievement of completing their degrees.

EDITINGWith insight as an experienced instructor, editor, and a lifelong learner, my clients are always pleased with the results and attention to detail offered by my editing services.

You can be assured that your finalized copy of the edited documents can be submitted with confidence after the implementation of my comprehensive editing services

(focusing on improving the client’s academic voice) and the proper formatting of the documents

(based on the client’s preferred style guide and institution’s guidelines for academic writing).

How can Dr. Pam help you?

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